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Georgia currently ranks as 26th overall in education quality and safety amongst all of our nations states. Education is said to be a "profound equalizer”. We need to update our curriculum and provide cutting edge resources to keep our students competitive. We need to provide our students with innovative and technology driven programs, especially in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields, preparing students for a successful future within a competitive workforce through career development programs that focus on students that may not be able to attend four year schools. We also have to support our teachers by equipping them with the tools they will require, empowering them to operate at their greatest potential. Our children deserve quality education that reflects the jobs of today and the future. 

Economic Development

A viable district has the following: Residents who have access to well-paying jobs; large companies and/or corporate headquarters that invest in the community; start-ups and entrepreneurs who innovate and grow businesses. As the Georgia State Representative for District 75, I plan to work with local officials to pass legislation that makes it easier for businesses to relocate and operate along with the resources for residents to grow more entrepreneurs from our district. This along with the necessary improvements to our infrastructure and transit would make District 75 appealing to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. I will support legislation and incentives to expand and not stifle businesses. I will also support workforce development programs that equip residents within the district with the knowledge and skills to compete for these jobs. We can realize District 75's economic growth potential with the right leadership.

Accountant at Work

Our Work

Focus on the Future

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Safety & Security

Safety and Security will always be at the top of my agenda, as Georgia State Senator of District 75. I will make sure that our officers and first responders have the support, training, and resources needed from both the community and government. I will work with law enforcement to lower crime in high crime areas. It is my goal to create an environment where seniors feel comfortable leaving their homes and children feel safe playing.


As Georgia State Rep of District 75, I believe that every man, woman, and child is entitled to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Therefore, I am in support of cost effective healthcare being more accessible and available to everyone, particularly our veterans, seniors, and mentally ill. I will support legislation that will responsibly and equitably expand access to health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. All individuals deserve a chance to live longer.

Infrastructure & Transit

It’s no secret that Georgia needs improved infrastructure and transit. Road rage and gridlock have become a part of the daily routine for many District 75 residents. I am in support of expanding roads and public transportation as our population grows. However expanding our infrastructure not only includes roadwork, it includes expansion of our communications, making Wi-Fi more accessible, and taking advantage of green technologies. The development of District 75's infrastructure and transit will appeal to businesses while developing an active and robust workforce.

Equality for All

Ensuring that all of the residents of District 75 have equal and equitable rights is an integral part of my campaign. It is critical to make sure no one is disenfranchised. As the father of two daughters and now a grandaughter, I support equal pay for women. I am against legislation that discriminates or targets individuals. It is imperative that every Georgian has access to opportunities for success. As we "focus on the future", I want District 75 to be a strong, vibrant, and united district.

Caring for Our Seniors

As our community grows and changes over time, we would like to ensure that there are programs and resources for our seniors. We will look into programs that provide transportation, housing and food and connect them with those in need. Seniors in District 75 need safe spaces to be active and engaging within the community. Seniors should never feel abandoned by their community.

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