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"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for over 17 years. I want to work for you. We need to create more resources for Entrepreneurs to be successful , improve our schools for career development and support our educators, fix infrastructure and transit, and make public safety a top priority. I know what it takes to find solutions. If you believe that our families, children, and seniors deserve a better place to live, work, and play, please support me, Mike Glanton Jr., for Georgia State House of Representatives District 75. It’s Time to Focus on the Future!"

- Michael Glanton Jr.

My Story

Michael Glanton Jr. is a political consultant who has been actively involved in politics since 2005. He began his journey knocking on doors for his father's first bid for the Georgia House of Representatives. The more he became involved in grassroots campaigning, the more he developed a love for connecting with people about relevant issues that affect their daily lives. In the midst of political differences, he quickly discovered how to bridge gaps between opposing arguments and foster synergistic relationships for collaboration. 

​One of Mike's earlier experiences in government began as an employee with The City of Morrow working in their administrative offices and municipal court system. Mike is a senior partner at Lance T. Jones & Associates, a political strategist firm in metropolitan Atlanta. This firm is full of independent contractors and young professionals who are moving forward in politics.

​Mike has played an active role in his community and prides himself on taking initiative whenever and whenever his support is needed. Mike is a member of several organizations. Aside from his PTO duties at his daughter's school he is also a member of The Jonesboro and Clayton County LionsClub. He has been recognized by his community for his leadership through many awards and resolutions. 

​Michael Glanton Jr. currently resides in the Clayton County area, He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and two grandchildren. In addition to serving his community, Mike has always been passionate about motivating, inspiring, and encouraging youth on their journey to success. Therefore, he spends much time engaging the youth through programs and motivational speaking.

Mike's primary goal in office is to enhance the quality of life for District 75 residents. He will do this through comprehensive and progressive legislation that directly stimulates the economy and quality of life in District 75.

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